News: Habitus Denai Alam: A Community to Call Your Own

Oct 2, 2019

What makes a serviced residence stand out? While most developments offer all the basic essentials, a truly standout property takes it a step further by carefully considering how these essentials fit into the building’s living spaces.  

This philosophy was at the heart of Newfields Land’s approach to developing Habitus, the first high-rise concept development in Denai Alam!

Offering residences fashioned as SOVOs (Small Office Virtual Office), Habitus is aimed at the up-and-coming crowd of young (and young-at-heart!) entrepreneurs.

It’s also targeted at the movers-and-shakers who are always on the look out for opportunities and thrive on community networks.

Hence, not wanting to settle for the standard set-up of common areas scarcely used by residents, Newfields Land envisioned the common spaces of Habitus to be truly communal, in the spirit of collaboration and community-building.


A chance meeting with POW Ideas revealed that Newfields and this Malaysian design house shared similar ideas and philosophy towards space.

POW Ideas are the creative minds behind some of the most refreshing spaces in Kuala Lumpur, including The Swimming Club at KL Journal Hotel, Urban Retreat Spas and Proof Restaurants.


A Pioneer in Co-Working and Co-Living

With their solid portfolio, the designers at POW Ideas were given free rein on the design elements of the common areas of Habitus.

As Habitus is first and foremost a residential development, the challenge was to meld together the concept of co-working with the comforts of home.

SOVOs, by definition, break down the traditional boundaries between working and living spaces in the home. Hence, using the SOVO concept as a design anchor, the designers at POW Ideas explored ways to extend this concept to the common areas of Habitus.

They drew inspiration from innovative co-working spaces around the world, and also the more recent design revolution of co-living.

Co-living is indeed inspired by the co-working concept, and industry insiders have tagged it as the future of living spaces. Purpose-built co-living residences are currently taking property markets by storm in cities like New York City, Tokyo, and even Mumbai.

With all the necessary architectural elements, Habitus proved to be a perfect vessel to introduce the co-living concept to the Malaysian property scene.


Social Hotspots

Reconceptualising common areas as “social hotspots”, POW Ideas focused on transforming two essential features of condominium living: the reading room and the lounge area.


Commonly styled in many developments as a mini-library with a few scattered tables and chairs, reading rooms tend to be underutilised, with out-of-date magazines languishing on dusty shelves.

In Habitus, this space has been reimagined to serve the dual purpose of a recreational reading lounge and a co-working space.

Whether you just need to unwind or start your mental gears running, a tasteful and inviting library area featuring curated books and periodicals will put you in the right frame of mind.

Mood-lighted corridors branch out to smaller study cubicles rooms suitable for individual endeavours and larger rooms for working in teams or holding meetings.

This fluid setting creates an atmosphere ripe for networking and collaboration, while quirky but tasteful interior design elements encourage creative thinking.

And with the whole area equipped with state-of-the art multimedia facilities, residents no longer have to travel to work in other co-working spaces elsewhere.

The second space receiving the POW Ideas treatment, is the lounge area. This is where the concept of co-living truly takes shape. At Habitus, this space comes to life as a sky dining lounge and kitchen.


The Habitus sky lounge is designed for the modern working individual or those with small families who may not have the time and interest to cook and clean on a daily basis.

A communal kitchen fully equipped with modern kitchen appliances and stylish dining sets takes away the need for one to maintain a full-fledged kitchen and dining within their SOVO unit.

Its position on the upper floor affords unencumbered 360-degree views of the surrounding Denai Alam and City of Elmina areas.

This makes it perfect as a backdrop for the occasional forays into the kitchen, to entertain clients, or to play chef and host to one’s neighbours.  

Understanding that food is at the heart of community, POW Ideas designed the interiors of the sky lounge around comforts-of-home elements to invoke feelings of nostalgia and belonging.

These unique social hotpots within Habitus are envisioned to become activated spaces designed for socialisation, a far cry from lonely corridors and quiet foyers of regular developments.


A Secure Community

A truly effective co-working space needs to be easily accessible by clients and contacts outside the community. However, a residential building must never take security lightly.

Taking this to heart, Newfields Land has partnered up with i-Neighbour to design an app for residents where all security, visitor, and residential management features are easily accessible and operational in one convenient place – the smartphone!

Residents who wish to secure parts of the co-working and co-living spaces for private use will be able to easily do so via the app’s facility booking option.

To facilitate the quick and secure movement of visitors, the i-Comm Kiosk at the lobby easily connects residents with their guests.

The Kiosk’s video intercom service allows residents to view and speak to their guests in real time, and approve entry via the lobby door. Pre-registered guests can scan their QR Code at the Kiosk for seamless access.

This innovative approach to security ensures Habitus residents the peace of mind to work and live as a flourishing and secure community.   


Your Space To Own, Your Community To Grow


Habitus is a low density, high rise freehold serviced residence developed by Newfields Land, a subsidiary of the renowned Newfields Group. It offers units ranging from studios (451 sq ft) to three-bedroom apartments (998 sq ft).

Other facilities include an infinity pool with jacuzzi, hanging pods and poolside gazebos, kid’s pool and playground, fitness centre and reflexology path, kindergarten, a fully equipped kitchen on the roof top, and a multifunction hall.


Habitus is located close by to recreational facilities, medical centres, shopping malls, public transport, and both private and public schools.

It easily connects to the GCE, NKVE, LATAR, PLUS, and soon-to-be completed DASH highways, giving it excellent and quick connectivity to Subang Airport, MRT Station (Line 1 & 2), KTM Station, Damansara, and KL City. 

Habitus will be ready for occupancy in 2023.


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